Found on the Back: Elizabeth “Ma” Duncan

While searching through recipes and content to find perfect Halloween fodder for the blog, I remembered that when I wrote about Edna Ruth Bullock, I had mentioned that I had another “killer” story to share.  (Kind of punny).  So in honor of Halloween and all things horror, let me introduce you to Ma Duncan.  A plain, simple woman that was guilty of maybe loving her son too much.  Elizabeth DuncanWhile women frequently have tenuous relationships with their mothers-in-law, I don’t know of anyone whose mother-in-law has tried to kill them.


Read more about Elizabeth Duncan on Wikipedia and in the LA Times.


In which I find something on the back.

Marriage of the Year

Found on the back of one of the recipes.  Not to be too cheesy, but my husband is a heck of a guy.  He puts up with an amazing amount of silliness from me, really bad jokes, and a whole lot of cooking since I got laid off.  He eats everything I make, sometimes more than once.  He’s kind of an amazing guy and I’m a very lucky woman.